LiPo Battery Warranty Policy

Due to the complexity and delicate nature of Lipo Batteries, please note the following points prior to making a claim.

Maiden Wings check all battery pack voltages prior to shipping. It is a simple process and takes us 3 seconds per pack. Doing so assures us that the battery is fit for use, is within the voltage range and has no shorting.This process does not remove slightly unbalanced packs.

1. You can only make a claim for 'Under voltage' the same day the parcel arrives and prior to the lipo pack being charged or cycled. 'Under Voltage' means that 1 or more of the cells in you pack has a voltage lower than 3v per cell. After the battery has been cycled or used, no claim for 'under voltage' can be made. 

2. Maiden Wings do not replace burnt batteries. All batteries are checked prior to shipping, if a short on the balance connector was to happen, it would happen prior to shipping. Burnt batteries are also impossible to examine, therefore they are not warranted.

3. Maiden Wings do not warrant crash damage, of any kind. If your pack shows any signs of an impact or trauma, Maiden Wings will not replace it.

4. Never disassemble your pack. Regardless of your skill level, expertise or qualifications. Maiden Wings will never replace a disassembled or 'inspected' pack.

5. Rapid Capacity Loss. Should your pack fall well short of it's stated capacity, please indicate to us how you achieved capacity claim. Maiden Wings will test packs for charge and discharge values. Should the battery have severe capacity loss, Maiden Wings will test each cell for maximum and minimum voltage charge as well as I/O. This can indicate to us if the pack has been over-discharged. Packs which are over-discharged will not be replaced.

6. Packs which have a cell voltage difference of less than .245v per cell cannot be replaced. Please balance your packs if your packs appears to be unbalanced.

7. Because of the complexity and nature of these batteries, all packs will be returned to our supplier for inspection and warranty.